Friday, October 30, 2009

My Wife Neetu - Neetu Meri Jaan - Made For Each Other

This page is fully dedicated to my loving wife Neetu Sharma. We are Made for Each Other, I love her more and more which anyone can think. I am very passionate with my wife Neetu. She is My Jaan. I can't live without her.

I am very worry about her cause she has some diseases going with her. Before sometime when she was pregnant and also have Gall Stone. She had more pain and I was very frustrated regarding to her. At one time I had also told to my boss that I am unable to work right now. Cause everybody know that company needs work and that is not think that what is going with you. When she was 3 months pregnant then she got more pain. I was misguided that what will I do cause I need my wife fully comfortable, then i called to my father in law. He came to me and carried her. I was also go with her. After some medicine she got some relief but not stability. After sometime I carry her to delhi with me.

After the 3 months She got big pain. Another time I carried her to my father in law. Doctor says that the stone is at neck of the gallbladder. I was very afraid as well as mental cause i was mentally disturb. But my Lord shiva with us. We worship to our Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva show a new direction to me and I had searched homeopathic doctors online. Then I got a new Homeopathic doctor Mr. Sunil Kumar Sharma. He gives me some medicine that was fully safe in pregnancy. I given her and she feel some relax instead of previous.

Another turning point waiting to me. When I go to my home Bharatpur(Rajasthan) and carried her to doctor. Doctors told to do ultrasound of her. I was worry but I follow the doctor's advice and take a ultrasound. Another bad information comes that the child was as opposite so doctor advice to me that you need to do operation for her, so your wife and child would be safe. But I was afraid cause after the operation ( C-Section) she would be unable to take care our child such as good feeding.

I was in very critical stage. What i do and what not do. I was remembered my Lord Shiva and told HIM that take my life and safe my wife's. My all the family members are very frustrated. Then I went to Temple of Lord Shiva and request for her. After coming from the Temple I decided to doctor that during the normal delivery - Has she any danger during the normal delivery. Doctor says that My wife would be safe but your child can have. After the all I had decided for normal delivery. I met a nurse which more expert, she says that do not worry. I will do it. During the delivery the nurse was very frustrate and urgently called a doctor within half a stage(when half body of child was outside and half inside) Thanks to Lord Shiva that doctor came urgently and told to my wife that "I need your Luck" and I wiil do better than best to my experience. Within a Minute my son was came in my family and both were safe. His Name is Ke means Ke-Sunil. But now she has also gallstone pain. After the delivery My Jaan Neetu told to doctor "Thank YOU", He told her that within the 15 years experience nobody told me such word. I was very obliged to him and Homeopathic doctor Mr. Sunil Kumar Sharma.

If anybody read my story and know that how can i remove the gallstone instead of the gallbladder then please contact to me as soon as possible. My Id is Sunil Sharma

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Drawback of the big Companies

There are some step regarding to the drawback of the big companies

1. If you buy some product of the company then company is not responsible for any damages. If your product is damage from the starting, then company will not replace that wether the product was damaged.

for example: I baught Eureka Forbes Aqua Guard Water Purifier Total with RO. The total price is Rs. 14,500. After a little day this product occurs major problem. I complaint to the service center, He changed 2 filter (Total Market price Rs. 1200) but not take any charges to me, after 2 day this product occurs problem again. I complainted and then he came and change big machine ( Total Market Price 4600 ) he changed and replace with local machine ( Total market price 3200 ). after it this procedure going to same. I think all parts of the product has been changed but this is not properly worked till now.

I think , I have bought a water container with rate Rs. 14,500. This is the shameful.

2. If you bought any product, after that company give only consolation.

3. If your product is damage after the warranty period, then company take more charges than any other.

4. If any parts of your product still on working then company may change that part and tell, this is damaged.

5. If your product is occurring any problem, and you carrying to customer center, then you can not say anything forcefully, otherwise you will have to pay more than the normal.

for example. My Samsung color television is occurring some problem. I had carried to customer service centre, he put my television 15 day, but my television is not properly working till now. Total bill Rs. 2000.

The total cost of my television is 6000

and many more. I think everybody knows.

Have a nice day.